About Us

Founded and led by Lauren Lothrop Caron, Studio Laloc is an interior and architectural design and furnishings firm, based in both Seattle and New York City. Our projects include both renovations and new builds, where our work encompasses all phases of design and construction, from concept to completion. 

We specialize in full-service interior design with a passion for old homes and storied interiors. While we love to bring beauty back to historic properties that may need a refresh or restoration, we also strive to make new homes feel special with as much soul as those that have been around for over one hundred years. We excel in the details, whether that be in architectural design or furnishings, bringing layers of thoughtful design to each project.

How would you describe your style?

"Our philosophy is based on the belief that homes should be both livable and compelling. Our work has an air of nostalgia but isn’t bound to a specific time or place, creating uniquely timeless homes. We design spaces that are functional and comfortable with a bit of modern formality layered in colour, pattern and texture. We mix antiques with modern heirlooms. Most importantly, we focus on conveying details that reflect the personal sensibilities of our clients."