About Us

ARTI offers affordable, original vintage art mainly from the first half of the 20th century, and gives emerging artists a platform for their work.

Based in London and the Cotswolds, we sell via Instagram and our website, offer private viewings at our studio and clients’ own homes, and take part in interiors events and pop-ups throughout the year. 

Affordability is key to the ARTI offer - an original work of art needn’t cost much and it’s a smart investment. Our customers range from people just starting their art collections, to interior designers sourcing for clients and stylists needing cleared art for photoshoots, film and television. 

Interior Designer Caroline Borgman says: “Most of my designs include a piece of vintage art and often clients don’t realise that there are affordable dealers around. This is why I always seem to find the final (missing) piece to the jigsaw at ARTI - they have a wonderful selection of original vintage art that caters for most tastes.”

How would you describe your style?

"Interesting and eclectic. With backgrounds in design and film production, we have a keen eye for something special. We believe that whether a home is a modern loft space, an urban family house or a cosy cottage, original paintings add irresistible charm. 

One of the special things about an antique or vintage painting is the story it tells - it’s already lived a life somewhere. There are often clues to that story - marks, patination, old repairs, writing on the reverse. Someone cared - these are stories rooted in humanity. And buying vintage is the epitome of sustainability – a wonderful way to reduce waste by reusing existing resources."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We offer free-of-charge, personal consultations, often meeting clients in their own homes to see their colour palette, the light, wall space and any existing art, taking along paintings from our collection to show what will work well in situ. If meeting in person isn’t possible, we schedule a call to talk through likes and dislikes and create mood boards to show the look and feel.  

We also offer art sourcing when given a brief - we go out and find the perfect pieces for both residential and commercial projects, pulling together complete gallery walls in a mix of medias, or art collections for entire homes.

Recent projects include the revamp of a Surrey inn, a bespoke collection for a London apartment and art for the sets of a new series of hit HBO TV show Industry."

Banner: Mike Garlick; Images 1-4: Boz Gagovski