About Us

We don’t deal with artificial materials and we have no need for artifice. We make floors of real substance. At Trunk Floor our ethos is very simple; we prepare and treat pure, raw materials to give them a new life within your home. Our work pays tribute to the elemental nature of noble Oak and solid Stone. We elevate, we don’t embellish. Ours is a generational business based in Ireland, with expertise honed over decades. We are artisanal in our approach but manufacturers in scale. To create floors of real substance we go to the ends of the earth, not just to source the best natural materials but also to seek out those individuals who best understand them and the unique challenges they pose. The felling of a tree or blasting of a block represents the crucial first step in a time-consuming and meticulous process that culminates with the finishing process undertaken at our Irish workshop. In wood or stone, our floors are rooted in nature and grounded in beauty.

How would you describe your style?

"Everything that we do at Trunk Floor is informed by the character and texture of the Irish countryside around us, by the stern beauty and brooding nobility of our unspoilt landscape. The pure wash of river and stream over solid hillside stone, the hue of light stands of strong, upright trees. Our respect for the honesty and integrity of wood and stone means that our work begins and ends with attention to detail. In measuring, planing, brushing and smoking, the standards that we meet at Trunk Floor are our own. Our process coaxes copper or charcoal tones naturally by activating the tannins deep within the Oak."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Every floor is made to measure in the truest sense, unique and informed by our creative direction. Each one is a homage to the resilience and beauty of its composition and is made to last lifetimes. We choose the raw material of your Trunk Floor for their defining traits, for the properties man has valued for centuries. For wood floors, we favour the noble European Oak, characterised by its refined grain, colour consistency and stability. In natural stone, we work predominantly with Limestone and Marble. Delved from the earth, we don’t believe they can be improved upon, we merely grant them a new purpose. Timeless Limestone bears witness to the imprint of history itself, while Marble fascinates with its breathtaking kaleidoscope of colour."