About Us

Clearwater Interiors offers a range of bespoke, indulgent and luxury sensory bathroom experiences that echo and protect the vitality of nature, to elevate mind, body and planet. 

An alluring bathroom destination for interior designers, each element of Clearwater Interiors is curated to form a space of tranquillity that invigorates and energises. Clearwater’s designs are bespoke and highly customisable with impeccable attention to detail with visual purity at the core, in line with the evolution of the bathroom space and the desire for luxury simplicity and a connection with nature. 

Clearwater Interiors works with ClimatePartner with a mission to reduce carbon emissions and create the first bathroom collection to make conscious choices and adapt, innovate and evolve processes to create an elevated sensory experience that positively impacts the planet, ultimately achieving carbon neutrality as a business. 

How would you describe your style?

"Clearwater Interiors are ergonomically designed to the highest quality. From velvet rain and cascades to sensory lights that elevate shower and bathing experiences, it’s about how it makes you feel. With pure matte finishes and luxe colours and textures throughout the collection, the clean style translates to a truly immersive and invigorating design that exudes elegance and luxury."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"For A/W 2023, Clearwater Interiors consciously chose to enrich the curves of the existing building structure. The arches of the space created an impeccable sense of harmony between the curves of the basins and baths. The soothing green marble and clean, matte-plastered paint effect of the room created space in the air that allowed for the vitality of nature to wholly awaken the senses. Mixing contemporary designs with traditional touches allowed the carefully crafted collections to synchronise with luxurious style whilst manifesting a feeling of wellness and simplicity. 

The bespoke service Clearwater Interiors offer means an interior designer can give their vision and dimensions of the space, and the design team at Clearwater Interiors can give a full specification. They offer a white glove service delivering to homeowners, hotels, interior designers and contractors within an 8-week lead time with a made-to-order service on all products. 

The collection allows any designer the scope to build beautiful spaces and experiences."

Michael Sinclair – Photographer; Olivia Gregory – Stylist; Brown Dog – Art Direction