About Us

Caesarstone knows the secret of using natural raw materials to craft the most stylish, innovative, and durable worktop surfaces. Since 1987, when the brand pioneered the engineered stone market, Caesarstone has led the way, driven by a passion for design and artisan craftsmanship. Specialising in worktops for homes worldwide, Caesarstone products offer superior aesthetic appeal and functionality through a distinct variety of colours, styles, textures, and finishes used in kitchen worktops, bathroom vanities, splashbacks, and tables, garden kitchens and bars and other interior and exterior surfaces.

Marked by their inherent longevity, and characteristics such as non-porousness, durability, and scratch and stain resistance, the company’s unique and diverse product range has become a highly desirable alternative to other surfaces. A steadfast commitment to quality and service has fostered strong customer loyalty in over 50 countries and a legion of fans in the design community.

What services do you provide?

Caesarstone design and manufacture quartz and porcelain surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms as well as splashbacks, tables, furniture and more. Consultations are available to book at the brands London and Manchester Studios and the Caesarstone ‘Swatch Book’, which provides detailed information on selecting stone for your kitchen project, is available to download via the website, along with other relevant content.

How would you describe your style?

"With every new Caesarstone creation we take a hands-on, artisan approach to design that embraces creative experimentation and artistic exploration as we realise each surface, perfecting the exact combination of inspiration and imagination that is a hallmark of the Caesarstone brand. Each design process begins with the same consideration, an exploration of the world outside our window. Whether it is the motion and beauty of a sandy coastline, the stillness and calm of the desert landscape, or the urban textures and patinas seen in our towns and cities, it is crucial for us to experience and observe the world around us. Hand in hand with our design process is our commitment to quality. Each surface is rigorously tested to ensure it will meet all the demands of a busy home or commercial space."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Caesarstone provides unique, premium quality surfaces in quartz and porcelain. These large stone slabs are then cut to bespoke sizes by stonemasons and fabricators to fit the specific design details of the kitchen, bathroom or outdoor dining area.

All Caesarstone surfaces come with an extended warranty for added peace of mind. We offer a vast range of surfaces that are sure to strike a chord with anyone looking for a worktop that is as beautiful as it is durable. On our website, you will find a multitude of tools that will help you pick your perfect Caesarstone surface from ordering brochures and samples to booking showroom tours, as well as a vast bank of knowledge and advice to help ensure your project is a success."