About Us

Regularly listed as one of the UKs top garden designers, Andy is perhaps best known as the three-time Best in Show winner at the Chelsea Flower Show. Projects range from country gardens and estates to iconic landscapes including the roof gardens at Battersea Power Station with international work stretching from Europe to Asia and beyond.

Inspired by art and architecture, Andy explores the relationship between plants and structure and the wider landscape. Our timeless contemporary gardens often draw on historic references and the site itself and may include bespoke sculptures, water features, lighting and furniture. We enjoy collaborating with artisans and craftsmen and use vernacular materials to root projects in their settings. We are comfortable dealing with complicated planning scenarios including Listed Buildings, AONB’s and Paragraph 80 and thrive as part of a wider team.

Andy is as much a plant addict as a designer and has a deep horticultural knowledge which underpins all his work. He has over thirty years’ design experience informed by extensive travels around the world and prides himself on his ability to work closely with clients to create unique designs perfectly suited to their needs, their lifestyles and their surroundings.

Our team of landscape architects, garden designers and horticulturalists have an innovative approach to design and a meticulous attention to detail. We also have a sustainable and ecological ethos which lies at the heart of our work.

What services do you provide?

Garden & Landscape Design, Lighting Design

How would you describe your style?

"Andy’s modern designs are a fusion of traditional materials and contemporary styling that have become known for their timeless architectural qualities, innovative planting and sculptural characteristics."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Shortlisted for the RIBA House of the Year Awards this unique contemporary house sits on a ridge facing the South Downs. In a spectacular setting such as this it is futile to compete with nature so I allowed the wider landscape to roll right up to the building making the view the star of the show. Groups of trees were strategically positioned to obscure the few buildings in the near distance, post and rail fences and other clutter were removed and wild flower meadows were planted in the old paddocks.

The previously arrow straight driveway was rerouted to curve through copses of newly planted trees thus offering glimpse views of the new home in the English Landscape tradition of a parkland approach to a significant country house.

The arrival courtyard and garden sit behind the house. Individual blocks of Yew, Lavender and Libertia were laid out on a loose grid to reflect the geometry of the architecture and echo the field patterns of the agricultural landscape. Views out from the house in all directions were carefully considered and constructed and a variety of spaces for dining, lounging and swimming were set within the heavily planted garden. The car parking was kept to one side so they didn’t pollute views out (a pet hate) and trees and shrubs relied heavily on native or near native plants so they framed a seamless connection with the treelines and hedgerows close to the house, anchoring it to its setting and giving the building a sense of belonging."