About Us

InsideOut Interior Design is a dynamic design studio with considerable experience in renovating and reimagining residential projects. Founder Kirstin Jaffé and her team enjoy working closely with clients to create homes that are not just beautiful but also highly practical and uniquely tailored to each client's specific needs. On every project, InsideOut aims to maximise the potential of the space and curate elegant, comfortable interiors. The results speak for themselves: relaxed, inviting homes that are full of textures, patterns, charm and character and that reflect each client's lifestyle, taste and personality.

As the name suggests, InsideOut has the expertise to embrace both interiors and exteriors when projects require, collaborating with landscape designers to create continuity and harmony between the design of the interior and the garden.

Kirstin and her team have worked on many beautiful homes across a wide spectrum of residential and high-end holiday-let properties, both in London and in the Cotswolds. Projects can range from purely decorative through to full refurbishments with structural renovations, bespoke joinery and detailing. Whatever the brief, InsideOut aims to make the experience exciting, hassle-free and enjoyable for their clients.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

“We aim to respond to our client's needs and personalities and love to draw on the history and location of the properties we work on. We try to discover local makers and suppliers to ground the design in local authenticity. The results are always practical and relaxed spaces that can be enjoyed and lived in comfortably. For the country: a dash of rustic charm, vintage style with rich textures, patterns and pops of colours. In the city: a more refined, contemporary aesthetic with stylish detailing and finishes.”

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

“We have recently completed a full renovation of a listed property in a beautiful Cotswold village. The brief was to incorporate the client's collection of rare Persian rugs into a traditional Cotswold setting and combine them to create a relaxed, calm interior that mixed rustic with a touch of richly exotic. We used neutral tones for the backdrop and then picked up the colours and patterns from the rugs, which we used in the cushions, throws and soft furnishings. 

We created valuable space by designing bespoke joinery for nearly every room, building in much-needed storage as well as a more balanced plan and some charming moments, such as a cosy reading nook under the stairs. The shower room, located in a later addition to the building, has a more contemporary aesthetic. By using elegant, large-format tiles we created a bright room that feels deceptively spacious and the choice of onyx-finished porcelain sympathetically references the Cotswold stone. It is in juxtaposition with the more rustic and relaxed design of the rest of the property. The overall result is a stunning and truly unique home.”