About Us

Hugh Mackay Carpets is a British brand that has remained at the forefront of the carpet industry for over 100 years. It is this experience alongside its solid foundation within the market, that allows the company to continually build on its world-class products, design and service offerings.

Its exclusive ranges stand the test of time and are crafted with design and style in mind. The team take pride in everything they do, from the quality of the yarns they carefully select, to the fashion-conscious tones included in products, culminating in the ground-breaking ranges created. 

Each stage is as important as the last for the Hugh Mackay team, so their customers can rest assured, if they are choosing a Hugh Mackay carpet, they are in good hands.

Hugh Mackay Carpets' bespoke and custom designs are constructed using the ‘Design It’ creation studio, where design dreams become a reality. With the help of the Gaskell Mackay Carpet Designers (a part of The Mackay Group), the client can let their imagination run wild and create unique carpet designs for any space with a minimum order of just 20m2. 

The ‘Visualise It’ tool can take you on a journey in the comfort of your own home. Simply visit the Hugh Mackay Carpets website and watch as technology allows you to upload an image of your room in real-time, install Hugh Mackay products and immediately see the transformation it can make. 

What services do you provide?

Bespoke Carpets, Wool & Axminster Carpets

How would you describe your style?

"Innovative. Our vast experience means we are able to break barriers and create products that stand out from the crowd. We are continuously working on product development from designs and patterns to colours and yarns, to ensure we provide superior quality carpet. We are able to share this expertise with those who want to go one step further and create their own designs whether in commercial or residential spaces. Our experienced Carpet Designers are on hand to help make your idea reality."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We offer a custom and bespoke service to those who would like a unique carpet design for their homes or commercial spaces. Working with our expert designers, customers can let their creativity lead the way. All custom options are 4m wide Axminster carpets and as such are available in an array of row qualities.

Our 'Design It Creative Studio' allows customers to take any design inspiration they choose and combine it with our specially formulated colour palettes that have been designed to complement any décor. There is a minimum order requirement of just 20m2 and a lead time of just 9 working weeks*. 

Taking this further, we also offer a fully customised experience allowing our customers to use any design inspiration they choose as well as any colour or colour combination they desire, allowing the inner designer in all of us to run free. With a minimum order requirement of 50m2, the lead time for this service is 12 working weeks*. 

Throughout this process our dedicated carpet designers are on hand to help take your ideas and bring them to life, creating pattern repeats, colour combinations to suit and so much more."

*Lead times are based on design sign off and quantity confirmation.