About Us

Bromley & Bouverie is a family-run art and design collective creating hand-finished artwork and bespoke pieces, as well as offering collector's items and framing advice for the design and interiors market. With over 10 years in the luxury interiors industry, the Bromley & Bouverie team are able to slot seamlessly into the design process to deliver artwork that matches any scheme or aesthetic. As a result, their work can be found in high-end developments and homes around the world, as well as in their Hampshire studio.

What services do you provide?


How would you describe your style?

"Personally, I love modern, tactile designs - something simple. A focal point that draws the eye into some form of perspective or storytelling. At the studio, we work closely with all sorts of creative designers including portrait artists, fashion and textile designers, ceramicists, the list is endless. Creativity is not limited in our world." - Imogen Pleydell- Bouverie, Creative Director

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Drawing on the experiences and techniques of several artists we are able to produce an array of artworks for almost any project. Whether you need artwork for the start of a vision, to enhance an existing space or to tie together the final design aesthetic we can accommodate the needs of every customer. Most of what we do is responding to a client’s brief - we thrive on developing and producing hand-finished bespoke and innovative works; delivering the perfect final piece of the jigsaw for today’s eclectic spaces. Alternatively, if you’re looking for that one-off collector’s item we have a gallery of stock works, hand-finished prints and the availability to source from an array of interesting upcoming artists.

Our service starts with a consultation focusing on the needs of the project. We can then determine whether we draw a piece from our existing stock, adapt the design of an existing work or create something original. Drawing inspiration from the space we pull together the paint palette to produce the sign-off colour swatches. Once the colour swatches are approved we can move on to the painting process.

On completion, we create an art presentation for the end client to sign off allowing us to begin the optional consultation on framing. The framing service takes into account the artwork itself and the other finishes in the space to advice on material, scale and colour. We have recently completed projects for design agencies such as Helen Green, Katherine Pooley, Burbeck Interiors, Andrea Benedettini and Rodriguez Design Studio."