About Us

Ula Maria Landscape and Garden Design is an award winning garden design studio, creating imaginative outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom. We seek to create meaningful designs by a sensitive approach to an existing space, craftily tailored to client’s brief.

What services do you provide?

Garden & Landscape Design

How would you describe your style?

Strong architectural forms contrasting with naturalistic planting. Emotive garden spaces that evoke innate connections to nature through memories, senses and experiences.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

Image 1: Antiquarian's orchard - garden inspired by its owner's travels around the world and unique building techniques, materials and items brought back home. Victorian mosaic tile patio is the centrepiece of the garden, accompanied with elevated charred timber boardwalk and antique furnishings dotted throughout the space. Gnarly apple trees create theatre and are key sculptural elements of the garden. Image 2: Art curator's garden: This courtyard garden is a 30m2 outdoor extension of the art curator’s home, enriched with the characterful items and furnishings collected by the owner. Planting is a composition of grasses, herbs and perennials; with deep coloured flowers shinning like jewels amidst clumps of naturalistic grasses. Image 3: Sanctuary garden - garden is inspired by ideas of Hortus conclusus – a Latin term meaning ‘enclosed garden’, traditionally used to provide a hidden sanctuary to its owners. It is divided into three main rooms – the entrance garden, secret garden and garden of reflection. Each has been designed to represent the journey towards the inner sanctum and provide a sheltered environment for meditation, contemplation and self-reflection.