About Us

The Folio Group was established in 2022 by Chris ‘Barny’ Barnard and Tim Murray who both came respectively from staging and property backgrounds, with the specific aim of providing staging for prime and super prime properties. They felt that, whilst there were existing staging companies in London, few, if any, were providing the elevated offering required to maximise the potential of the property for clients at the top end of the market. Since launching, Folio has invested heavily in items from leading suppliers such as Soho Home, Tom Falkener, Julian Chichester, Porta Romana, Ecco Trading and Andrew Martin as well as championing young artists such as Rose England, Will Soloman and Christabel Blackburn (a previous winner of Sky Portrait artist of the year).

As such, our experienced design team are able to create bespoke schemes for a wide range of projects, from apartments to townhouses to warehouse conversions and in the two years since starting, Folio has become ‘the go-to’ for many agents, developers and private clients alike.