About Us

Not only is FLOOR_STORY East London's friendliest rug dealer, but also a maker of beautiful rugs with an eye on craft and unique design. Based in London's Shoreditch district, FLOOR_STORY's showroom is home to hand-made rugs that prove its off-beat approach to rug design creates the very best results.

What services do you provide?


How would you describe your style?

Modern rugs that bring joy to the home through colour, shape and texture. Through the championing of young design talent and collaborations with established stars, FLOOR_STORY has built a unique and sometimes left field collection of beautifully made rugs. Standing alongside discoveries made on our regular trips as well as a series of in-house designs, at FLOOR_STORY you'll find rugs that celebrate diversity and creativity.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

Here at FLOOR_STORY we understand that sometimes standard just doesn’t quite cut it and that’s why we love making it easy to create your very own rug. Whether a made-to-order special on any of our Designer and FLOOR_STORY Collection rugs, or a custom work that portrays your unique style, our hand-made approach makes working it all out easy.