About Us

Addison Ross is a family-owned and run business with a commitment to quality at its core. Each product is designed to give a timeless feel and last a lifetime. The brand’s mission is to help customers with creating their own idea of a perfect home. To foster joy, comfort, and style no matter where in the world one lives. Addison Ross’s mission is supported by 3 Core Principles: Memories, Quality and Individuality.


Home is where we build, and safekeep the most important memories in our lives. It is why photo frames are the core of the business, and combined with Addison Ross’ print and fit service, the brand is creating a product that captures memories forever, to form the foundation of a perfect home.


The quality of a home must be maintained throughout one’s life. Addison Ross’ principle of quality products allows for a long-term and sustainable business approach, as the brand is proud to produce products that last their customer's lifetime.


Addison Ross endeavours and commits to continue broadening its product range, both in category and style. The idea of individuality is a key principle in homeware products, as everyone’s idea of a perfect home is so different to the next.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"In early 2020 the brand saw the launch of its market-leading print & fit service. Addison Ross offers this service that enables customers to upload imagery with any photo frame they order, free of charge. Addison Ross will then print their pictures, fit them into the frame correctly, gift box the product and have it shipped to their address in a matter of minutes."

Carolyn Barber and Megan Taylor