About Us

16TEN Rugs was founded in 2022 by Lucy Todd and Sophie Clarke, who met while studying textiles at the University of Manchester. After successful careers in the rug and carpet industry, they decided to launch 16TEN Rugs with a focus on creating unique designs whilst preserving traditional craftsmanship.

16TEN collaborates with interior trade professionals to help design and develop beautiful floors. There are many options to choose from, including a range of stocked rugs and a full 16TEN Signature collection, all of which are available for customisation for individual interiors. Sophie and Lucy provide their expertise and guidance to designers, helping them choose the best option for their projects and budgets.

As licensed Goodweave importers, 16TEN Rugs exclusively works with mills in Nepal and India that adhere to ethical labour practices. This means that no child, bonded, or forced labour is used in the production of their rugs. These values are at the heart of 16TEN Rugs, and the company is very proud of the artisans they work alongside. As 16TEN Rugs grows, the Directors intend to build on the ever-growing relationships established with their partners in Asia.

What services do you provide?

Rugs & Carpets

How would you describe your style?

"16TEN’s style is incredibly versatile and eclectic. Sophie and Lucy are both textile designers by trade, and have a passion for pushing design techniques through colour and texture."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"The collection at 16TEN Rugs is carefully curated to feature rugs that are entirely handmade using a variety of high-quality fibres, including Tibetan wool, silk, Jute, Allo, and more. The rugs are crafted using textile techniques that have been passed down through generations, reflecting the belief that the old ways are often the best.

A recent project they have completed is a Pied de Terre on the King’s Road. Working alongside the designer they created the Alfie rug; a hand-knotted rug that draws inspiration from the iconic cable-stayed bridges of London. Crafted with a premium wool and silk, this rug showcases a textured wool field with a mesmerizing silk motif, blending architectural inspiration with luxurious textures.

The handmade nature of the rugs is evident in the unique variations in dying, weaving, and finishing. These subtle differences between each piece add to their beauty and character, ensuring that every rug is essentially one-of-a-kind. The layering of different techniques, fibres, and colours requires immense skill and passion from the weavers, many of whom come from communities with a long history of rug making.

The studio is based in London, but Sophie and Lucy will happily travel to visit the designer’s offices with samples and attend site meetings with clients. If you’re interested in having a 16TEN presentation of their collections, please get in touch to arrange a meeting; they’d love to hear from you."