About Us

Gira's pioneering systems offer seamless control of heating, lighting, blinds, media and intercoms with sleek, understated design that works well in any interior. Each user-friendly device is secure, socially and environmentally sustainable and strives to work in a way that protects our planet and its resources, whilst achieving design and functional perfection. The company history dates back to 1905, and with its products renowned for their precision and design, Gira is one of the leading and best-known suppliers in the industry.

What services do you provide?

Switches, Socket Outlets, Smart Home, Security products, Intercoms, Lighting Control , Blind Control, Heating and Temperature Control, Home Entertainment

How would you describe your style?

"In modern design and interior architecture, we are faced with the challenge of many different styles being combined in a single space. There are no limits on what you can do, which has created a heterogeneous and unpredictable design landscape. We see it as our task to create designs that integrate into this new scenery. This is why we believe that design should be simple, functional, streamlined and integrative. 

This is why Gira products are timeless yet modern, with a distinct focus on quality, materials and functions. They combine unique aesthetics with intuitive control. User-friendliness is another important consideration. The more functions we integrate into a product, the more complex it becomes to configure and operate it. We prioritise simplicity and intuitive operation in almost all of our design decision-making."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"In the village of Bentworth, the Spanish architectural practice AMPS Arquitectura & Diseño had the task of building a modern residential building adjacent to an existing farmhouse. The planners designed a slender building with a gabled roof that reinterprets the traditional form of a cottage. It takes up the typical local forms and the building material of dark wood – and becomes something new.

The architects chose pre-produced cross-laminated timber elements as the construction method. The double-shell facade is characterised by black-coated Accoya wood on the outside, as is the roof. In combination with large window elements and the central living room component, which protrudes from the building to the south, a building is created which opens up into the green landscape at every opportunity, yet is otherwise unobtrusive with its simple design.

The interiors are in stark contrast to the dark perimeter. The rooms are characterised by warm chestnut wood, light sand-lime brickwork and a Mortex mineral floor. Two master bedrooms are located at the far ends of the house, and between them are the children’s rooms with playful sleeping platforms and adventure environments. The entire interior is stylish, minimalist and sustainable, with building services designed for maximum efficiency. This includes the use of selected Gira products, such as E2 pure white glossy, pushbutton sensor 3, Gira G1 and Gira HomeServer. This is how the Spanish have skillfully redefined the idea of a cottage in the heart of England."

Interiors by: Alexander James (banner + 1-4); Annika Fuss (5-6); Dukelease (7-8)