About Us

Rachel Usher leads a multi-disciplinary team delivering luxury interiors to a wide range of clients seeking exacting and bespoke designs, across the UK and the world. With a focus upon enhancing the way that her clients live and maximising the interior architecture of the building, Rachel has a wealth of experience in developing the creative narrative; ensuring that she thinks past the notion of interior design relating only to aesthetics, unlocking an intangible aspect that curates an environment that nurtures and speaks to the soul.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"Rachel's design approach is to work with a palette of layers and texture, mixing materiality and preferring to use natural tones and highly textured surface finishes that create a balanced and calming space."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"In a recent luxury residential office project, the key requirements within the brief were to create a space for focused and inspirational thoughts. Our design team understood and identified these needs, acknowledging the numerous benefits of carving out a space within the home for remote working. Our skilled designers produced detailed drawings and specification packages to ensure that our bespoke vision would be implemented by our contractors to the highest standard; Spatial plans and joinery elevations were key to the success of this design. 

The integral tactile elements such as the desk chair, carpet and curtains were seamlessly combined with lighting at various levels, to create an inviting atmosphere. The Flos Superloon effortlessly provided a sense of warmth as well as an abundance of ambience, illuminating the space with a soft, even glow from a beautifully designed, architectural structure. The high-end joinery walls were crafted to ensure interaction felt seamless, with push to open draws and an integrated ladder, able to effortlessly slide across the full set of joinery, even through a corner, providing easy access to the upper storage and display units. High-end finishes were utilised throughout with dawn mist quilted maple veneers, mixed with graphite stained oak and bespoke burnished black steel handles."