About Us

Baufritz has established itself as one of the leading ecological timber frame house manufacturers in Europe. The company has over a hundred years of experience in the German market and has been operating in the UK for over fifteen years. Baufritz's homes are built using natural, local materials sourced from sustainable forests close to their factory. These materials have been used for thousands of years to build alpine homes and have proven to be strong and durable. Baufritz has developed a process using modern manufacturing methods to produce highly engineered prefabricated modules in its state-of-the-art factory. These modules can then be transported to the customer's site and erected in a matter of days. Typically, the company's homes can go from concept and design to completion in less than 23 months - a significant improvement on traditional construction methods. 

Baufritz believes your home should be free from the harmful chemicals that have become the norm in standard building practices. Tackling climate change has put a spotlight on the energy consumption of buildings. New buildings need to deliver significant improvements in energy efficiency. Traditional house design and construction methods struggle to meet these standards. All of the company's homes have excellent energy efficiency ratings. 

How would you describe your style?

"Of course, our style is timber frame eco homes. We believe that clients should not be restricted in the design of their homes and that it is important to realise their vision. That is why our motto is that no two Baufritz homes are the same."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Art collectors and dog lovers living in the countryside yet close to the city, this is the Neumann family lifestyle. Having spent many years living in cities across Europe and Asia, it was important for them to have a space that felt like their ideal home.

They chose to build their own home because they wanted to create their own unique design. A space for their art collection and library room, a design away from the norm, with a clear connection to the surrounding nature. A house that could not simply be bought, it had to be built.  

The clear, cubic structure of this Bauhaus-style single-family house by Baufritz, with some 200 square metres of living space, blends into the park-like coastal forest landscape. 

Huge rhododendrons and wild grasses sway in the breeze, the birch trees that have always stood here rustle and lush hydrangeas bloom. The flat roof has been planted, and the Scala wooden façade has been deliberately left in its natural state.

Accustomed to working with professionals and giving people freedom and trust, the client also gave the Baufritz design team free creative control to realise their ideas.  The brief was to deliver their vision of home in a high-quality, sustainable and natural package. A sophisticated lighting concept using flicker-free LEDs showcases the family's extensive art collection, collected during their travels, in the best possible light. The library was created by our master carpenters to fit perfectly into the space, and there is a private yoga and fitness room for when there is not enough time to hit the gym.

Our client was extremely happy with the final result. As they explain,  'We love the views of the surrounding nature from each room. On long summer evenings, we entertain friends on the terrace and in the winter we can sit downstairs and look out onto the garden. Our dreams have come true with this house, it’s our perfect permanent home.'"