About Us

Viriditas Studio creates gardens that are an extension of home – a space to relax, socialise, imagine and play. Our studio is passionate about reconnecting people with the natural world, ensuring our garden designs are a sanctuary for clients as well as for wildlife. Employing a holistic approach, bringing together diverse planting, a creative palette of materials and an understanding of sustainability, we make spaces to escape to.

Viriditas, Latin noun: literally “greenness,” formerly translated as “viridity” is a word meaning vitality, lushness, verdure, or growth. It is used to symbolise the interconnectedness of spiritual and physical health and is seen as a healing green force.

What services do you provide?

Garden & Landscape Design

How would you describe your style?

"Our award-winning studio creates gardens that use natural, traditional materials in a contemporary way with the craftsmanship and the genius loci of the place always considered at the heart of our designs. Whether in the country or the city, our dynamic schemes feature lush planting, complimented by elegant, exquisite hard-landscaping details, immersing our clients in nature."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Viriditas was tasked to refresh a Clapton couple’s garden elevating some of the features they loved like their pond, editing the trees and shrubs which had outgrown the space and adding planting that would not only please Clapton's local wildlife but also be beautiful when the couple look out of their windows onto the space.

Warm terracotta tiles lead you out from the kitchen onto the lower level which has drought-tolerant, pollinator-friendly planting. The couple's pond has been expanded into a naturalistic pool for their coy carp to explore amongst multi-level aquatic planting.

Oversized boulders in warm sandstone now mark the existing level change nestling into the decking with rockery planting inhabiting the nooks and crannies between.

Across the bridge lies the outdoor dining area placed to make the most of the garden's last light, our clients love sitting up here with friends surrounded by planting at the end of the day in their own mini-oasis."