About Us

Extreme Design is a multi-award-winning studio founded in 1993, specialising in custom kitchen and fitted furniture design. From the company's three studios in London, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, the team collaborate with private clients and industry-leading interior designers, developers and architects on some of the U.K.'s most exclusive residential projects.

Extreme has built a reputation for offering complete design freedom. Through boundary-pushing design, engineering, and sourcing, the designers at Extreme create one-of-a-kind spaces that tell a story. Each Extreme design is a personal statement of individuality for clients who would rather lead than follow. The company's clients are bored by conventional design and don't wish to be dictated to by fleeting trends, so the Extreme Design team offer true design freedom to craft every detail of their kitchen to reflect their individuality. Beyond the kitchen, the company's design services can also encompass fitted furniture elsewhere in the home, from bars and home offices to bedrooms and media spaces.

Each Extreme project is delivered with the Extreme mark of quality. A level of attention and detail that they employ to deliver unique beauty and quality to the company's client's homes. Extreme Design offers traditional artisan techniques and cutting-edge engineering methods to execute each design concept with precision and unmistakable quality.

How would you describe your style?

"In our efforts to revolutionise how kitchens are designed and built, we design for the client rather than prescribe to a particular style. We don't design from a set style book and are not limited to ranges. Each design begins as a blank canvas and evolves to reflect our client's style, taste, and lifestyle. We believe the world’s greatest designs tell a story, and our inspiration is our client; that’s how each story begins."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Each commission is a collaboration with the end client or principal interior designer. We begin by unearthing a meaningful design narrative that reflects the end client or context of the property. A design narrative considers style and lifestyle preferences and goes much further to draw on the end clients' experiences and passions to make the design truly personal to them. For speculative projects, we draw on the building's local context and architecture to create a design befitting the property and area.

There are no limits to the level of customisation and personalisation that can be achieved for a project. From one-off design details to custom doors or carvings, we bring together our specialist artisans to achieve exclusive, original details that make a design the only one of its kind.

Our established group of partners are leaders in their respective fields. By connecting some of the industry's most talented minds, we can execute designs that marry originality with functionality, luxury with durability and precision with extravagance."

Laura Rupolo