About Us

We understand the powerful effect that beautiful interiors can have on our lives. The spaces we inhabit should create a human response - whether you are seeking calm, inspiration or distinction, good design will bring a room to life. At Fantoush we are not burdened by a house style but instead, we put the client first and we pride ourselves in the ability to translate your ideas, inspire you with ours and create a unique story every time.

Fantoush was founded back in 2011 by Emily Smoor as an upholstery studio, a sister company to a property development company which over time merged and evolved to become the interior design studio it is today. With over a decade of hands-on property renovation experience, Emily has a rare technical knowledge which allows us to work seamlessly with architects and builders. With projects ranging from one room to entire house and hospitality renovations, Fantoush has worked across a wide range of industries.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"There is one word which sums up our style perfectly - eclectic. At Fantoush we love to combine pieces from different periods and countries to create a unique story for every room; mixing old and new to produce timeless design. In each project we create layers of interest, combining scale, textures, textiles and art. We are expert treasure hunters and Emily’s little black book of hard-earned contacts has been compiled from years of searching and finding those perfect pieces which bring a room to life."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We have just finished a country pub with bedrooms, in the beautiful rolling hills of Cumbria. The project started as a renovation and quickly turned into a full rebuild as the contractors realised the stonework’s integrity had gone. The aim was to create a building that felt like it had always been there. We meticulously chose materials that would wear in, not wear out. Aged flagstones, stained oak panelling and a carved oak leaf bar were accompanied by antique rugs, armchairs and furniture. The end result was a space full of character and charm, the perfect place for a pint!"