About Us

Interior decoration at Robert Kime focuses on the goal of creating environments that reflect the interests and tastes of the client. With over 35 years of collective experience infusing projects of all sizes with the Robert Kime signature sensibility and atmosphere, the team is skilled in the ability to scale the design, team, and process to suit the framework and practical goals of their interior design projects.

Robert Kime's product collection embodies Robert’s enthusiasm for interior decorating and antique dealing. His vast collection grew out of his fascination with history and art. Today, the showroom, with its mixture of antiques and their collection pieces, encapsulates Robert’s idea that a juxtaposition of elements makes for original and interesting rooms.

What services do you provide?

Interior decoration, antiques and the Robert Kime Collection of fabric, wallpaper, furniture and lighting.

How would you describe your style?

"Rooms that convey a sense of place, colour, pattern and comfort within the context of the architecture and a client's lifestyle. A touchstone of our interior decoration work is to create a sense of safety; a place where past and present unite and interesting design takes on a timeless effect that resonates today."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We have just finished several design projects: a Georgian townhouse in London, an important country house in Wiltshire. a stone cottage in Norfolk, a house in Palm Beach, FL in an exceptional setting, and a classic Normandy farmhouse in France. In each case, we provided full design services and two of the houses were second projects for the client."