About Us

At Lambart & Browne, we believe that every design – be it for land, sea, air or space – must be imbued with these things. As a full-service design and architecture studio specialising in the exterior and interior design of residential and commercial properties, the scope of our work varies hugely, as do the personalities and talents that make up our family. Certain values are upheld by all: the importance of creating spatial energy and emotion, of designing spaces that are balanced, beautiful and uplifting. Our clients are our greatest inspiration, always at the heart of everything we do. Owners Freddy van Zevenbergen and Tom Browning set up Lambart & Browne, after meeting whilst working for Nicky Haslam Design Studio. Lambart & Browne offers an exclusive interior design and procurement service to the pinnacle of the market from our Borough Market studio, which plays host to our young creative team of 15, a diverse close knit family working across numerous disciplines. Our portfolio is elegant and tailored to the needs and aspirations of our discerning clients.

What services do you provide?

Furniture, Architecture, Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

Our favourite style is Classic Eclectic but what sets us apart from other design houses is that we very much design for the client, ranging from Traditional English to Contemporary with a twist. It’s completely the client’s taste which we make a reality - so each and every project is as unique as the next.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

The owner, a Belgian art collector and Anglophile, he had already lived here for five years before call­ing us in. As well as wanting a place to display his art collection, he loves to throw parties and entertain, so the reception rooms' furniture and furnishings had to be relatively robust. He wanted it to feel a bit like Loulou's, referring to Robin Birley's private members' club Loulou's, 5 Hertford Street, which we designed in 2012. When it came to working on this house, the first challenge was the fact that the property is made up of two adjoining houses. Although at some point in their history they had been conjoined, they still present two different frontages to the street and retain two separate sets of stairs. This makes for a rather muddling floorplan, not to mention numerous small changes of level, which, along with the usual constraints of work­ing on Grade II-listed buildings, added to the difficulties of the job. The interiors had not been touched since the 80's so we had a lot of decorative work to do. Laminate flooring was replaced with French oak floorboards of roughly the same age as the house, while the original pine panelling on the ground floor was carefully stripped, then given a pale translucent wash to counteract the Swiss chalet effect. On the first floor, the drawing room's panelling mirrors that of the dining room directly below, though here Freddy chose to paint it in three different shades of grey. This gives it a brighter, less masculine look with strong splashes of colour introduced by Vik Muniz's large Van Gogh-like collage and a corner sofa in a brilliant emerald green.