About Us

Rhiannon and Travis Hageman, the passionate husband and wife team behind Hageman Homes, have crafted a home-building practice that is as personalized and storied as the dwellings they construct. With an ethos grounded in the belief that homes are profoundly personal, the firm embarks on each project with a desire to deeply understand the lives that will fill the spaces they create. This heartfelt approach is woven into the fabric of their design process, ensuring that every home is not only built to the highest standards, they’re also crafted to be enjoyed for generations.

Rhiannon Hageman creates spaces that are both elegant and welcoming, achieving a balance that resonates with the unique narrative of each client. Her design aesthetic is characterized by a sophisticated yet relatable alchemy of colour, texture, and history. Drawing inspiration from her travels, the joys of motherhood, and the timeless work of legendary designers, Rhiannon infuses each project with a sense of history and authenticity, creating spaces that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Travis Hageman's expertise in Construction Engineering and Project Management is the cornerstone of Hageman Homes' reputation for excellence. He brings precision to pre-construction planning, budgeting, and value engineering. His understanding, education and skills in classical architecture is one of his greatest passions and lends itself in every home he designs, plans and executes. His exceptional project management skills and innate ability to cultivate strong relationships with clients and tradespeople are pivotal in realizing the vision of Hageman Homes. Inspired by the wisdom of historical building methods, Travis seamlessly integrates time-honoured principles with contemporary comfort, ensuring each home is a testament to durable, liveable luxury.

How would you describe your style?

"When asked to encapsulate their style, the response is unequivocal: 'Layered, Soulful, Deeply personal, Secure.' It's a style that speaks to the depth of connection and the secure foundation they provide for the lives that unfold within the homes they design and build."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Hageman Homes takes pride in their recent undertakings, which include the meticulous restoration of heritage properties, classically designed and executed new construction residences and a variety of bespoke decorating endeavours across Canada and the United States. Each project is a narrative of the clients' lives, a story told with the threads of architectural integrity, design elegance, and intimate personal touches that make a house truly a home."

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