About Us

Alfred Newall has been working with natural materials to make honest furniture crafted with care from an early age. His appreciation and intricate understanding of craftsmanship and design have informed a collection of furniture which values the past and has a prominent place within contemporary interiors.

Built on a love of utility as well as tradition, Alfred Newall pieces are a useful and beautiful addition to interiors. Furniture can be purchased online from signature collections or made to bespoke requirements. Customers have the opportunity to customise or commission furniture to suit their environment, adapting size or details – making each piece truly personal.

Alfred trained at the Building Crafts College and then worked for Plain English Design, before setting up his practice in London and East Sussex in 2010. All of the company's pieces are made by a team of skilled craftsmen in the South Downs, using sustainably sourced wood and traditional processes. Their collections have quality at their core and are made to last a lifetime.

Alfred Newall's products change and evolve with time as we meet new audiences and develop new designs, but fundamentally, the processes have not changed. Furniture making will always be a pleasure for the team, with practicality, beauty and longevity at the heart of what they do.

How would you describe your style?

"Alfred Newall pieces often celebrate traditional aspects of design, reimaging them for use today in evolving interior spaces. At the heart of each piece simplicity is juxtaposed with decorative details, often found in turned components. Alfred’s furniture is made to be useful as well as beautiful. He is inspired by old pieces, particularly from the Arts & Crafts movement, which often seem just as good – or better – than they did the day they were made."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"As well as our core collection pieces, we create many custom and bespoke pieces in our workshop. We work closely with designers and clients to make pieces to fit exact requirements and unique spaces. Recently we designed and made a large cabinet for a London project combining our Astra and Bamboo design details. The upper section of the cabinet includes glass panelled doors and was fitted with recessed lighting to illuminate glassware. The lower half included deep reeded drawers made to bare the weight of plates and crockery.

Nearly all of dining tables are also made to custom requirements, adjusting designs or finishes to suit the needs of our client. By making the pieces by hand, in Sussex we are able to adjust items easily. We can vary the dimensions, finishes and details of many of our collections to suit client’s homes."