About Us

Shepel' is a custom furniture manufacturer and multi-brand design studio, which crafts bespoke luxury furniture and interiors for a range of discerning clientele. Its founders Alexander and Helen Shepel work alongside a team of passionate artisans to create truly unique pieces – spanning from upholstery and case goods to kitchens and joinery. Each bespoke design masterfully blends form with function, reflecting the distinct character and lifestyle needs of its owner. Shepel’s family of brands include Atelier Helen, Studio Shepel, Shepel Furniture and S-Contract. 

How would you describe your style?

"Shepel’s interior design style is a harmonious blend of refined elegance and understated luxury. Each bespoke creation is designed to enhance the unique character of a space while meeting the lifestyle needs and reflecting the distinctive taste of its occupants. 

Drawing inspiration from a global perspective, Shepel’s interiors showcase a cosmopolitan flair, incorporating diverse influences that resonate with discerning clientele worldwide."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"The Shepel family of brands - Atelier Helen, Studio Shepel, Shepel Furniture, and S-Contract - offer a unique bespoke service. 

Shepel' Furniture delivers an unparalleled whole home experience, crafting bespoke interior pieces tailored to individual preferences. With thoughtfully curated furniture collections, the brand offers a diverse array of interior options, serving as an expression of personal style and character. With a comprehensive full-cycle furniture production approach, Shepel’ manage every aspect of both pre-and-post-product development stages. The outcome is the creation of genuinely unique furniture pieces that authentically reflect the character and complement the lifestyle of their owners.

Studio Shepel’ is a global interior design studio, specialising in crafting luxury interiors for clients worldwide. Expressing the unique character of each space through exceptional designs and custom-made solutions, Shepel' designs and crafts world-class private and commercial spaces, built to withstand the test of time, due to its exceptional quality, functionality, and distinctive style.

S-CONTRACT is a family-run furniture brand with endless customisation options so that creatives such as interior designers, architects, and other professionals can best exploit their practical experience and all the potential of their inexhaustible inspiration.

Atelier Helen designs and manufactures personalised joinery and custom kitchens for residential properties."