About Us

Lucy Taylor Garden Design is a small, award-winning garden design studio, with a reputation for creating highly considered traditional gardens and landscapes that combine strong architectural structure and rich planting. Lucy works with private landowners and garden owners in the Southeast and beyond, designing gardens ranging from large country estates to small gardens. Lucy’s creative design process is rooted in hand-drawn illustrations. Garden layouts are artfully designed to create purposeful gardens, while clever planting schemes are planned to provide beauty, rhythm and structural interest throughout the seasons. Sustainability and wildlife are always thoughtfully considered, as is the history of every house and garden. Lucy seamlessly blends architectural design elements and interior design aesthetics into her gardens, marrying house to garden and ensuring that the two perfectly coexist within the surrounding landscape. This cohesive approach creates a harmonious balance between structure and natural beauty. Lucy’s acclaimed studio most recently won an RHS medal for her 2023 show garden at Hampton Court Palace. Lucy is a hugely passionate and enthusiastic creative designer and horticulturist and takes pride in creating beautiful gardens that bring joy and delight to those who experience them.

How would you describe your style?

"Exceptionally beautiful, traditional gardens marrying strong architectural structure with rich and abundant planting."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Lucy Taylor Garden Design offers a fully bespoke and comprehensive garden design consultancy, tailored to each unique client. Lucy Taylor personally builds collaborative relationships with her clients to fully understand the client brief and creates unique, timeless and purposeful gardens that her clients can fully immerse themselves within. Every garden is meticulously designed for its specific site, to seamlessly harmonise with the surrounding architecture and wider landscape, while often drawing on the property’s historical narrative. The studio works closely with architects and interior designers to achieve a harmonious and seamless balance between house and garden, whilst also collaborating with experienced landscape contractors, specialist nurseries and skilled craftsmen to deliver gardens of exceptional quality that meet deadlines and budget requirements. The studio values ongoing collaboration with clients after gardens have been delivered, ensuring that every garden evolves beautifully over time."

Clive Nichols