About Us

Since Dulux began as a company in 1931, luxury has always been front of mind. Even while keeping up with the ever-changing decorating trends over its lifespan, the quality of its product has never been compromised. It has always met the modern needs of the decorating masses, navigating its first range for consumers in response to a rise in DIY in the 1950s, the tonal brights of the 70s, and sophisticated palettes of the 80s – all with a premium touch. 

It was not until 1990 that Dulux launched its first Heritage Collection, bringing together its most luxurious and richest colours yet. Historian and paint analyst, Patrick Baty, helped ensure each shade reflected historical significance yet felt truly timeless. From this came Dulux Heritage – a brand in its own right, born in 2021.

Today, Dulux Heritage boasts a sumptuous range of 112 shades, marrying the colours sympathetic to the original Heritage Collection with popular, contemporary shades that make beautiful interiors accessible to everyone. Each shade comes in two finishes – Velvet Matt, for walls/ceilings, and Eggshell, for interior wood and metal – to ensure every inch of the home surrounds its residents with comfort and opulence.

How would you describe your style?

"In three words, Dulux Heritage is: timeless, luxurious, evocative. Dulux Heritage delivers classic, premium palettes that meet the demands of busy, modern life. Each shade can transport you back in time to your most comforting and joyous memories, to inspire you to paint with feeling and create a sanctuary of belonging unique to you."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"In July 2023, Dulux Heritage collaborated with interiors enthusiast Vogue Williams to showcase how the colours of nature can be incorporated into the home to create both a beautiful and practical environment. Vogue wanted to makeover her living space to bring the magic of the coast to life, drawing inspiration from her happy childhood memories to welcome the restorative and soothing qualities of nature indoors. 

Vogue chose the ever-popular Sage Green, alongside Quartz Grey, the soft pink Powder Colour and charming Mallow White, to convert her living space at her house in Howth into a celebration of nature’s most beautiful qualities. In doing so, her beside-the-sea retreat was elevated to become a peaceful yet inviting living space that inspired quality family time.

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux Heritage, says of Vogue’s project: “Her colour choices create the perfect backdrop for enjoying life’s little wins… [by] taking hues from Earth’s colour palette that encourage you to take a moment and be thankful for life’s everyday comforts.”

Vogue’s project highlighted the ways everyone can champion their little luxuries using Dulux Heritage. With 112 carefully crafted colours and two finishes – Velvet Matt, for walls, and Eggshell, for wood and metal – the whole home can be given the luxury treatment with shades not only catering to individual tastes but also sparking different personal memories and emotions.

Vogue also highlighted the brilliant durability of Dulux Heritage, which assured her that even with an active young family enjoying her rejuvenated space each day, it would continue to radiate that premium feel.

Overall, Vogue’s project with Dulux Heritage pinpointed the importance of bringing our treasured memories and comforts into the home not only through our assets and adornments but with the colour we inject into it, to create a space truly personal and consoling."