About Us

An independent fabric and wallpaper design label specialising in colour, fun and joyful living. Zobo Designs' core belief is that colour can play a significant role in affecting our moods and energy levels. It can promote excitement, positive energy, calm, sleep and comfort. The company's ethos is to bring warmth and happiness through their designs creating a bold, synonymous collection of colours and patterns. 

Zobo Designs' digitally printed fabrics are natural, organic cotton and linens and their wallpapers are produced using uncoated parchment paper, both have a luxurious, natural texture. They stem from hand-drawn sketches and freeform drawings with their intention to be non-uniform and irregular to add to their playful and relaxed nature. 

Established in 2020 by owner Zoe who has worked as a graphic designer for publishing houses and advertising agencies in Asia, Europe and the UK before focussing her skills on textiles. Her life abroad has developed her passion for colour, vibrancy and a vitality that can be seen in many of Zobo’s designs.

How would you describe your style?

"Zobo’s designs are confident in colour, using a corresponding palette of vibrant tones that bring warmth and cheer. Our ethos is to be fun and joyful with each design bringing a smile to the room."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"As a small, independent business all our designs are created in-house and as a result, we can offer clients a bespoke service - whether that be customising an existing design to suit an individual colour scheme or for something unique.

We are always happy to guide clients through the decision-making process and can offer suggestions for pattern mixing and complimenting wall paint colours."