About Us

Weaver Green are manufacturers and retailers of sustainably produced homewares made exclusively from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The company was formed 15 years ago when founders Tasha and Barney Green were travelling in Asia and stumbled across a rudimentary fishing rope, made from unravelled plastic bottles. Used to tether fishing boats, the rope was both strong and waterproof and offered a moment of inspiration. The opportunity to clear up some of the 35 billion plastic bottles that end up discarded every year was too good to miss and Tasha and Barney explored the many ways that this practical, robust material could be given a second chance at long-term use within our homes. In fact, in the last three years, they have recycled close to 200 million plastic bottles. Not only are all their products made from recycled material but they are also recyclable as they are made from a single material.

Suitable for both outdoor use as well as indoors, the entire product range, including rugs, blankets, cushions and homewares, is water resistant and UV stable, resistant to mould, mildew and stains whilst being both child and pet-friendly. The feel of their products is soft as wool, even better, they are machine washable and come out looking like new after every wash.

Weaver Green rugs are skilfully hand-loomed by craftsmen and women who are paid fairly and provided with comfortable working conditions. It’s estimated that making soft open yarn like Weaver Green’s from recycled plastic bottles uses as much as 70% less energy and almost 90% less water than creating them from scratch. Because the hard work of making the plastic is done already, the production processes can be fine-tuned to limit emissions and use as few resources as possible. For example, the yarn is produced using a closed water system that constantly recycles, purifies and reuses the same water. The dying vats are heated by burning discarded rice and wheat husks, a by-product of local cereal farmers, in factories with low emission chimneys. All of this helps minimise the pollution from production and reduces reliance on fossil fuels.

What services do you provide?

Home Accessories, Outdoor Furniture, Rugs & Carpets, Tableware

How would you describe your style?

"Our style is influenced by our love for Scandinavian, African and Eastern design, combining soft yellows, reds, blues, and greys with natural tones to make timeless products that look great throughout the home."

Paul Ryan-Goff