About Us

Founded in 1901, Vispring is the ultimate destination for bespoke, luxury beds and mattresses. With excellence and craftsmanship at its heart, Vispring brings together the finest in British design using the best natural materials to create an exceptional sleep experience. Always a pioneering brand, Vispring was the first to introduce the individual pocket spring to mattresses. By inventing the pocket spring, Vispring changed how the world sleeps. Today, Vispring combines technical expertise with the finest natural fillings, ensuring its status as one of the most trusted bed makers in the world.

Vispring produces a wide range of mattresses from three core collections, Original, Classic and Luxe, each offering various spring counts, natural fillings, and tensions. Every mattress is handmade to order from start to finish at Vispring’s Plymouth workshop by skilled technicians. Creating Vispring’s distinctive mattresses is a lengthy task that requires dedication and precision.

Vispring is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. From designs that are built to last, to using responsibly sourced natural materials, the brand continues to work towards a more sustainable future and in 2023 achieved the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.  In May 2024 Vispring was also awarded the King’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade. This award recognises Vispring’s excellence for outstanding growth in overseas sales, solidifying our position as the UK’s largest luxury bed exporter. The Awards programme, now in its 58th year, is the most prestigious business award in the country, and we are so delighted to be recognised as part of this. 

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"Vispring provides a truly bespoke service and is able to make mattresses and divans of any shape and size. Each mattress is carefully filled with the finest quality natural materials such as wool, cotton, horsehair, cashmere, and silk. No plastic, polyester, glue, foam or other man-made products or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

Skilled technicians take meticulous care to close every mattress with a strong but flexible ticking tape to ensure a smooth surface with no raw fabric edges. Far from being just decorative, the ticking tape helps to safeguard the mattresses’ structural integrity and gives a beautiful, long-lasting finish."

Courtesy of Vispring