About Us

THE TAGLI is a nomadic gallery promoting and exhibiting artwork from emerging and established artists from the UK and internationally. It upholds a promise to curate exhibitions that elevate our understanding of the current art scene while nurturing innovative artistic practice. Active in both primary and secondary markets, the gallery offers curatorial expertise, serving as a consultant to both novice and seasoned collectors, and providing guidance to private and corporate collections. From its inception, THE TAGLI has embraced a commitment to operate transparently, showcasing innovative, artistically and intellectually relevant contemporary art.

How would you describe your style?

"THE TAGLI gallery champions both emerging and mid-career contemporary artists. Hence, we don't look for any one particular style per se, but rather we focus on art which emanates a richness of artistic quality to fulfil our clients’ visions. From sleek to striking pieces, each artwork within the gallery reflects a commitment to delicate craftsmanship and creative expression.

We are distinguished by our meticulous attention to detail which allows for spaces to feel both inviting and refined through the artwork we provide. Whether it is by embracing a minimalist or traditional sensibility, THE TAGLI offers clients a glimpse into a world in which art and living seamlessly intertwine."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Art advisory and consultancy services

Whether our clients are seasoned collectors or first-time art buyers, we are dedicated to providing expert, personalised advice in identifying and sourcing artworks that satisfy both their financial and aesthetic aspirations. We know that every client and every project is unique, and we are committed to finding the right work to meet their needs. If looking to sell artwork, we would be happy to advise and provide our expertise to help you achieve our client's objectives via the most suitable channel, whether that is a private sale, auction, online or physical exhibition.

Our team also has many years of experience working with architects, interior design studios and developers in sourcing and exhibiting works that elevate the space, whilst also meeting the necessary budgetary and property-specific site requirements. Whether working on private residences, hospitality venues or large commercial business settings, we’ll collaborate with you at every step along the way, from pitching to installation. We will provide a carefully curated portfolio of works and services that will complement your vision for any property type.

How our consultancy services work:

1. Initial Home visit or online appointment 

During our meeting, we’ll discuss the client's vision and what they wish to acquire, explore personal aesthetics, talk about any logistical requirements and budget, and create a timeline.

2. Portfolios

THE TAGLI team activates our extensive network of artist studios, galleries, and auction houses to build a portfolio of works that resonate with the client's unique vision and values.

3. Installation 

Our comprehensive service extends to working with our clients to curate the works within their space, providing professional art handling, installation, and framing services to suit your specific needs. Our expert team will carefully advise you in securing the best and most appropriate insurance policies and all necessary documentation for any additional insurance and tax planning needs."

Banner Image: Benjamin Deakin; Image 1,3,4 and 6: Harry Crowder; Image 2 and 7: Cesare De Giglio; Image 8: Blyth-Collinson Interiors