About Us

The Gardenists is an award-winning garden and landscape design studio offering design, build and nurture landscapes for a very select group of private individuals, for their residences and estates around the World.

The Gardenists Chief Executive and Founder Simon Kitchin has been immersed in the field of landscape design and delivery for the last 30 years. His unparalleled attention to detail is enhanced by an intrinsic passion for design. Simon has worked on numerous residential and commercial projects in UK, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America. His mission is to provide spatially and temporally pertinent, innovative landscape designs of uncompromising quality. He has an incredible wealth of experience in leading the creative process of his team from inception through to implementation on a wide variety of projects around the world. His technical expertise, innate creativity from a young age and intimate working knowledge of the processes of project delivery is central to his approach and have afforded Simon an insight and clarity of vision in dynamic problem solving through the most complex and intricate of projects.

Each project we invest in is unique, but there are some consistent values, beliefs and ways of working that we believe make us truly exceptional. We are highly regarded by the upper echelons in the industry for our creativity and our absolute integrity. We play a key, but a very discrete role in elevating standards of craftsmanship across the industry, and redefining what can, and should, be achieved by setting ever higher targets for our peers to follow. The character and style of the design is influenced by the interior design, the building architecture and landmarks within and beyond the landscape. This creates a consistent narrative for the individual elements of the gardens so that the journey through them is one of balance and harmony while retaining a sense of humour, suspense and surprise. The colour, material and fabric palettes respect these influences to create a new form of contemporary design which is both innovative, but respectful of the history, traditions and origins of garden design throughout the world. Our creations employ a carefully curated collection of beautiful materials created by artisans committed to unparalleled and uncompromising quality. The result is a sequence of luxurious spaces, full of character and personality. A meticulous layering of topography, structure, furniture, lighting and art with a structured yet organic planting scheme allows for constant delight through-out the year. A perfect foil for the art of decoration, by nature.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

Roof terrace in central London.

Situated in the heart of the prestigious Grosvenor Estate in Central London, this large roof terrace plays host to a variety of outdoor rooms, from a generous kitchen and dining space to an outdoor lounge. A feature green wall separates out these outdoor quarters, whilst bespoke timber fin and stonework panels provide interest and afford privacy from surrounding buildings.

Private bespoke garden – modern and contemporary design

A stone’s throw from Lord’s Cricket Ground is a private residence in St John’s Wood London that features a contemporary garden offering multiple entertaining spaces. Cosy yet modern outdoor dining pairs with an outdoor BBQ & pizza kitchen, while an upper terrace offers outdoor lounging in a private hedge-lined surrounding. At the front of the property, a sedum garden complete with hippo sculptures offers a whimsical moment. 

Private family garden in London 

The revival of this garden features a series of terraces that introduces sunken lounges, outdoor dining and children’s play underneath the massive shade trees. Acoustic panelling and gentle planting screens soften the noise and bring the countryside into this urban garden.