About Us

Shere Madness is an award-winning interior design company based in the Surrey Hills, with projects running in London, the Home Counties and internationally.

At the heart of Shere Madness, Charlotte Drinkall heads up a team delivering a bespoke design service to create homes that balance beautiful aesthetics with immaculate function. 

Coined ‘House Berocca’ due to her ability to breathe new life into a home, each project is intricately tailored to the client’s personal taste and needs; it’s their home, on its very best day. This attention to detail, combined with Charlotte’s elevated sense of style and creative input, results in a stunning design that’s individual to every client.

From central London townhouses to village landmarks; rural farmhouses and international renovations and installations, each design project comes with its own challenges, but with over two decades of experience in all types of property renovation, Charlotte and her team always deliver on design excellence, quality and client elation.

How would you describe your style?

"Traditional but bold, with a modern twist and a touch of glamour!"

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"At Shere Madness the key to any project is tapping into the client’s taste.  It’s all about discovering what their style is and elevating it to the very best it can be.

Communication is key and each project starts with us really getting to know our clients; establishing exactly what they need from their home, as well as understanding how and where they enjoy spending time – both inside and outside the house.  

This information all comes together to inform the overall look and feel of a project. Moodboards, plans and layouts are then created to allow each client to see how their home will eventually look.  

Every Shere Madness project is totally unique. New and bespoke items of furniture, are placed alongside existing upcycled pieces to make schemes feel completely individual, and at the same time allowing them to feel both fresh and familiar. Colour schemes are developed in collaboration with clients to ensure they really feel at home, and we encourage them to be bold and have fun with their interiors.  

And of course, our clients can be involved as much or as little as they want throughout the journey. Some like to be engaged in all the minutiae, while others like to give us the keys and come back when it's finished; provided they are happy with the end result, we don’t mind either way!"

Paul Craig