About Us

Founded in London by Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen, Salvesen Graham is a creative interior design studio that offers bespoke services for a wide range of UK and global clients.

Offering a comprehensive design service that creates beautifully classic and carefully curated spaces for a variety of residential and commercial clients, Salvesen Graham is renowned for its Future Heritage approach to design, creating spaces that feel stylish and comfortable now and in years to come.

With over 25 years of expertise spanning diverse schemes, Mary and Nicole are as renowned for their confident approach to pattern and colour as they are for their sympathetic treatment of historical and traditional spaces. 

In 2016 Mary and Nicole launched The Collection by Salvesen Graham product. Featuring wallpaper, textiles, and bold furniture as well as playful decorative items such as mirrors, candle holders and cushions, The Collection blends contemporary charm with historical elegance, defining the style for which they are known.

How would you describe your style?

"A classic aesthetic blending antique and contemporary elements that result in timeless, comfortable rooms full of interest."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

Image ten depicts an apartment that our client owned for several years but rarely visited, because it didn’t feel like home. They had an extensive art collection as well as antiques that they wanted to utilise and enjoy and a requirement for flexible seating so that they could host guests and parties when they were in the UK. 

With the client based predominantly in the US, meetings were few and far between. With the assistance of trusted suppliers, we accommodated this by arranging styling days when the client was visiting and filled the apartment with pieces that we were proposing so that they could see how they would look in situ. The style of the project is very much typical of the Salvesen Graham aesthetic combining the contemporary with historical elegance. An eclectic mix of furniture, art and antiques from different periods all reflect the client’s love of colour and pattern. The choice of neutral paint colour on the walls allowed the artwork to sing out in the light-filled spaces. This apartment demonstrates the design ethos that a space should fit around a client’s life and style which means that each scheme is thoughtfully designed, uniquely tailored and made to be lived in and enjoyed. 

Photographs: Simon Brown and Simon Upton