About Us

Led by founders, Alex Labridis and Manthos Xenos.

Our multifaced team is comprised of over 60 RIBA architects, BIID interior designers, spatial expressionists, chartered engineers, residential contractors, craftsmen, artists, researchers and property managers.

From Architecture and Interior Design to Spatial Planning and Property Development, we believe individual personality and place go hand in hand. Our multidisciplinary portfolio includes more than 30 projects in Prime Central London. Our expertise covers Residences, Hospitality and Commercial spaces, unified by a guiding vision: to enrich the lives of the individuals who occupy them.

How would you describe your style?

"Our style is contemporary eclectic. We try to restore all original elements from the projects we get, adding simple details on the joinery and hard new finishes to achieve the modern look. We complement the interior architecture with antique, vintage and contemporary FFE making sure they all work cohesively."