About Us

Designers, sculptors and crafters of fine metalwork for over 30 years, Matt Livsey Hammond Ltd have established an impressive portfolio of work and an enviable international reputation. With a dazzling and eclectic catalogue of projects ranging from sweeping balustrades in palaces, hotels and private homes to bespoke furniture and lighting pieces which are sculptural in their detail and beauty, the company are renowned for its filigree work, curving balustrades, furniture, lighting, mirrors, interior gates and ornamentation.

With commissions undertaken for a wide range of international, corporate and private clients, they have extensive experience in working with architects, interior designers and private clients looking for exquisitely beautiful bespoke design and metalwork. A complete service from design to supply is provided, however advisory and design-only services are available and increasingly requested. Design and oversight of local manufacturing may be particularly appropriate for international projects.

All pieces are designed in-house and handmade to the highest standards combining traditional blacksmith arts, carving and casting methods with modern hi-tech production techniques where appropriate. A wide range of metals can be worked including wrought and cast iron, steel, bronze, aluminium, copper and brass, incorporating other natural materials such as glass, wood, stone and precious stones where the design calls for it. A wide range of finishes is available including chemical patination, specialist paint finishing, gilding and plating.

Matt Livsey Hammond Ltd team prides themselves in providing truly beautiful design and metalwork to the highest standard. The detailed quality and artists’ attention to detail is evident in every piece of work, whether on the scale of the ornate baroque staircase balustrading commissioned for a palace, or the delicate filigree ornamentation ordered to complement a piece of furniture. The team’s skill and dedication are evident in every project, and they are delighted to have been commissioned to supply metalwork, furniture and sculpture for some of the most exclusive properties in the UK and around the world.

How would you describe your style?

"The trademark appearance is one of elegance, fine detail and fluidity. With an extensive knowledge of architecture and design which he applies to all projects, the work reflects Matt’s constant drive to create work of balance and perfect proportion, uniquely appropriate for the space."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"As well as designing and supplying sweeping balustrades for an exclusive Mayfair club restaurant and brass ivy balustrades for a 'speakeasy' in Texas, we have also designed and made an organic, verdigris balustrade for a mansion in New England."