About Us

LSP Design Studio, founded by Lauren Perlman, is a full-service interior design studio. The studio works with local and international clients both face-to-face and virtually. The journey began over 25 years ago with her first renovation in South Africa, followed by several international projects. Lauren, a KLC graduate and BIID member, draws on her experience as an interior designer and her passion for art and craft, to create eclectic interiors which are client-centric. Her interiors tell unique stories through colour, texture, textiles, and bespoke furnishings. Her keen eye for art, craftsmanship and philosophy of functionality followed by form, ensure that her projects elevate her clients’ lifestyles. The team is renowned for transforming spaces into beautiful sanctuaries.

How would you describe your style?

"Our style is creative, eclectic, unique and designed with a sense of fun and informality which showcases our client’s story. Art and craft is very much part of our signature style and is woven into every layer of our work."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Our strengths in interior architecture and space planning were put to the test with the reimagination of a large Georgian family home in Surrey.  We were hired to transform the interior and exterior into a unique sanctuary for a young family.  The four key challenges within the interior required the main entrance of the home to be reconfigured including the replacement of the front door and the design and installation of bespoke joinery to house coats and shoes. The living room had to accommodate two seating areas. One area for conversation around the fireplace and to view the garden, the other to house the surround sound and TV.  Bespoke joinery was designed to house all the equipment seamlessly and was built across the room with LED lighting to create a cohesive flow. For the guest bathroom, space under the stairwell and unused cupboard were annexed to house a separate wash basin area with bespoke joinery and mother-of-pearl mosaic with a backlit mirror, followed by a small, wallpapered toilet area. For the open-plan kitchen-dining area we were responsible for the design of a wine wall and bar area for entertaining. We also designed a hidden jacuzzi garden area, fire pit and outdoor kitchen. All aspects of the interior furnishings, fittings and finishes were designed by our team in collaboration with our wonderful, trusted suppliers, to achieve the perfect outcome for our client."