About Us

With a custom design, Johnny Grey Studios will ensure that your kitchen will be both luxurious and quietly functional while balancing practical demands and aesthetic choices. This brings together architecture, ergonomics and happy home life.

Johnny Grey Studios have been creating custom kitchens for over forty years. They are built in the UK and USA and delivered anywhere in the world. Johnny’s background is in architecture alongside interior design and furniture making. House & Garden kickstarted his career when editor Sue Crew spotted that he put history, science, heart and soul into kitchen design. His books and educational work are testimony to this approach.

Initially, we carry out a design proposal, the formal commissioning process that marks the beginning of a kitchen project. We take a brief and devise solutions to the client’s needs through intelligent space planning. We tend to improve the architecture of the room, increasing its links to the garden if possible. This is where we start creating fine-tuned ergonomics for cooking, living and working. Small kitchens, dining areas, libraries, laundry rooms and even home cinemas are all within the studios’ scope. 

No two homes are laid out the same so each project is a one-off to be approached with a fresh eye. Our designers and architects begin every assignment with a fresh eye. There may be a small fee for an exploratory visit, depending on how close your house is to one of our studios. This is refunded if you go ahead with the design proposal. At this point, we normally provide three different design concepts for you to choose from, full drawings and detailed costings and a programme of works.

What services do you provide?

Bespoke Furniture & Storage Solutions, Garden Rooms & Conservatories, Interior Design, Kitchens

How would you describe your style?

"Beyond minimalism. We work with colour, subtle historic references where appropriate, soft shapes and a wide spectrum of hardwoods from Olive Ash, Mazur Birch, Aspen, English oak to North American timbers. In addition, we use stainless steel custom hardware, specialist concrete worktops and artisan tiles to any pattern or colour." 

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Project in Hampstead

Freestanding furniture fits with the traditional restoration measures required for this eighteenth-century house. The interior walls needed to be left free and the wainscot panelling kept intact. 

Project in Richmond

Blending a modern minimalist style with artisan craftsmanship was the key aim in this awkwardly L-shaped space. An innovative feature is two cooking stations, one enclosed inside an appliance garage, the other on the curved central island facing the garden. The island is shaped to fit the natural walking route around the room. 

Project in Nicosia

A response to the light coming off the sea, this kitchen was planned as a series of open tables letting light travel through the entire space. A restricted palette of materials was chosen to maximise calmness. These include coconut wood, concrete and lime-washed oak. 

Project in Finchley

This design creates a practical kitchen by opening up the ground floor rooms of an Arts and Crafts house. It uses a narrow working table, a variation on the central island with defined ergonomic work areas. These allow two people to work together, something that can be difficult to achieve when space is limited. 

More information and images of each project can be found on our website."