About Us

British-made bright and contemporary fine bone china cups and saucers, mugs and more. Inspired by my belief in slowing down and enjoying the simple moments, the Jo Deakin Collection of fine bone china has been designed to be mixed and matched to suit my customer's taste, personality and mood. 

At Jo Deakin, we do beautiful things a little differently. From design to delivery, our products travel just over 65 miles door to door; from my studio in Worcestershire to the exceptional Stoke-On-Trent potteries. I have a deep-rooted passion for style, colour, quality and authenticity. From my background as an interior designer, I see the world through colour and pattern. I believe wholeheartedly in English quality and craftsmanship. I understand and embrace the importance of carving out time, creating beautiful moments and taking a moment to slow down and sip. Whether my customers are on their own or with friends, taking time to have a stylish cup of what they love, comforts, soothes and feeds the soul.  

Taking a moment to slow down and sip means everything to me. The Jo Deakin brand revolves around promoting this important message. Life is often so busy and taking that moment to breathe, put on the kettle or the coffee machine gives us a chance to rest our minds, to rejuvenate and revitalise ourselves.  

I believe the question of which mug or cup and saucer to use is a crucial part of this timeless process. I believe that comforting drinks taste better in fine bone china.  I believe it matters what that china looks like on the table, how it feels to use and what it means to share with others. My products provide uncompromising style, quality and choice every time my customers go to their cupboards. I hope my spirited range captures my customer's attention and enables them to create an upbeat, fine bone china collection, lovingly made in England, unlike any other. 

I started making the products I wanted to see in my kitchen and on my table and I did this with an uncompromising approach to sustainability and quality. We design and manufacture everything from egg cups, mugs and cups and saucers to full dinner plate sets.

We are so proud to join the plethora of names that have and continue to manufacture fine bone china products in Stoke-on-Trent, using the skills and techniques that have been laid by generations of craftspeople. I care hugely about where things are made, by whom and how. We fly the British flag for design and manufacturing high and proud over our heads. I know that my customers share my ethos in the importance of making beautiful homeware locally, with love and skill. It is what drives me daily to provide quality, luxury and style throughout all our products and what sets us apart from others.

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"The combination of the crisp, fine bone china with the colour tones and palettes, create a contemporary, yet individual look. Although this ethos is our own 'House Style' at Jo Deakin, we can adapt and create new designs that showcase beautifully on our products, telling your story and representing your style.

Our Bespoke service includes the design and creative process required to achieve a unique collection entirely for you. With a previous background in Interior Design, Jo is well experienced in creating bold and colourful combinations with pattern and tone. Our Bespoke collections are taken from the inspirational surroundings and existing personal style of those we collaborate with.

Our entire design process is individual and tailored to the look, feel and overall specification for our clients.

We like to think it's a collaboration between both sides and an exciting and artistic process that results in a beautiful bespoke collection, specifically designed for you.

We had the privilege of working with Rudding Park Hotel to design and create their Signature Afternoon Tea range of fine china.  The brief was to collaborate and enhance the sense of refined elegance when taking Afternoon Tea at Rudding Park.

The collaboration with Rudding Park was an opportunity not to be missed. The look and feel of the hotel, with pops of colour considered at every turn, was instantly the right fit for us and our outlook to design.

The Jo Deakin pattern holds the three bespoke contrasting colour pops that run throughout the main areas of the hotel and the hand-applied orange trim detail on the products are a small but bold reference to the strong tone that can be found throughout the Hotel."