About Us

Daniel Combes Garden Design is a multidisciplinary team of Landscape Architects, Garden Designers, and Ecologists; focused on the design and management of beautiful gardens and landscapes.  The team works collaboratively with clients to create unique outdoor spaces.

Inspired by wild places and the rich history of garden making, the aim is to create gardens that are loved by clients and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Dan and his team believe that making gardens gives them an opportunity to have a positive impact on how land is managed, creating a biodiverse and healthy environment for the benefit of us all.

Daniel Combes Garden Design love what they do and are passionate about it; wanting their clients and everyone they work with to feel and be excited by their passion. It is through collaborations with the very best craftspeople, builders, and plant people that they can create deeply considered and totally bespoke gardens across all climates and geographies.

They aim to work on ambitious projects, with clients who have big dreams, to create remarkable gardens. They also work in the public sphere to share their passion for gardens with a wider audience; wanting to inspire young people to work with plants and on the land. They will do whatever they can to support aspiring horticulturists, designers, growers and craftspeople.

Garden-making should be an enjoyable process for clients, and the team have designed systems that enable them to effectively manage complex projects. This removes stress for their clients and allows the team to deliver their garden to schedule and within budget. 

Working on both large and smaller scale garden design commissions that take them throughout the UK; current projects include the creation of gardens and landscapes for a newly designed house in Gloucestershire; a series of gardens for a 17th-century country house set in the heart of Peterborough; and the re-imagining of a cottage garden in a rural village in Wiltshire.

How would you describe your style?

"We want our gardens to celebrate both the house and the surrounding landscape. Drawing on features from both, our gardens tend to have a strong architecture offset by naturalistic drifts of perennials, long grass, and wildflowers.

In places we aim to create a sense of sanctuary, inward-looking paradises where stress and worries evaporate.

At times we want to draw our client’s attention to the surrounding landscape by celebrating a woodland or passing stream.

Ultimately, we have succeeded when our clients are constantly drawn out of their house and ever deeper into the garden."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Inspiration for this Gloucestershire Grange garden came from its historic association with Cirencester Abbey.

The surrounding farm buildings created courtyards and enclosures which we embellished with simple structural planting softened by self-seeding plants and trailing roses. Loose plantings in the gravel offer a contrast to the expanse of dry stone walls as well as marking the changing season.

We lowered the wall separating the front lawn from the meadow and reinstated the ha-ha, bringing the landscape into the garden.

A new eating terrace was created surrounded by densely planted herbaceous borders which offer colour and interest throughout the year.

To the north of the house, we transformed a featureless slope with a series of banks, stone walls and a large pool of water. 

We have ensured that each area of this garden has a continuous visual interest; something new to explore throughout the seasons, both in the planting and the layout."

Stephen Shepherd