About Us

V-ZUG is a 111-year-old Swiss manufacturer of luxury appliances, born in Zug with intrinsic core values that include sustainability, transparency and circularity. With a product range that spans kitchen and laundry sectors, the brand has launched several pioneering products such as the PowerSteam, RefreshButler and Grand, that combine innovative technologies with a discreet, minimalistic aesthetic and ensure uncompromised results across cooking and laundry, every time. V-ZUG creates something unique - a holistic experience of excellence and simplicity for your home.

V-ZUG are the first and only carbon-neutral appliance manufacturer of domestic appliances in the world, with circularity in their production in Zug, through diverting as little to landfill as possible by creating appliances that can be upgraded through software (as opposed to hardware), and planted over 800,000 trees to date in a forestry project in Scotland, the V-Forest, accredited by the Ripa Gar foundation. 

Since the launch of their London studio in March 2022, the V-ZUG brand and product found itself leading the way in its sector, and at the forefront of the UK market, deftly carving a niche where mindful manufacturing and innovation meet product excellence for a holistic home where neither form nor function are compromised. This allows for the heart of the home to be the place it should be, centred effortlessly on people, conversation and cuisine – and of course the enjoyment across all these areas. 

How would you describe your style?

"Swiss, minimal, sleek, contemporary, innovative, intuitive, sustainable, simple and inspiring."