About Us

Supremati specializes in curating interior experiences that transcend mere aesthetics. The company's design philosophy surpasses traditional boundaries; they thrive as collaborative partners and pioneering innovators. Whether it's crafting luxurious private residences or designing functional and chic office spaces, Supremati excels in creating environments that captivate the senses.

Supremati’s expertise in concept design is paired with a keen understanding of the technical intricacies involved in delivering bespoke services, to bring their clients' visions to fruition. The company's commitment to excellence has forged strong relationships with its clientele, many of whom collaborate with Supremati repeatedly on subsequent projects. 

The company's design process delves deep into the essence of each project, skilfully narrating its story through thoughtful and nuanced aesthetics. Supremati’s creative director, Magdalena finds inspiration in the architecture of the building itself and its surrounding environment. Magdalena draws inspiration from clients who infuse their passions, favourite places, furniture, and art into the design process. Her role is to skillfully merge her ideas with theirs, resulting in a perfect solution for their new home.

How would you describe your style?

"Supremati’s style is an appreciation for a thoroughly developed layout. It is crucial for us that projects that we’re designing have functional and harmonious arrangements that reflect how our clients live and interact with each other. Symmetry, harmony, and order is visible through our projects despite being either classical or newly built architecture. Supremati’s style is inherently international, embodying the fusion of diverse cultures to represent the art of living. The Creative Director, Magdalena describes her approach as a “collector’s style,” characterized by thoughtfully curated selections of art, furniture, design elements, and greenery, all harmoniously integrated within meticulously crafted layouts tailored to her clients’ unique requirements."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Albion Gate is an interior-architectural project that Supremati designed for a developer in central London, Hyde Park.

The property is set in a lavish, historical art-deco building and consists of two bedrooms, both with their own en-suites. Most of the furniture and artwork was already the client’s, so Supremati was responsible for designing the joinery, such as the doors, and all of the finishes. The studio was also responsible for the design management of the property and the entire space has been co-ordinated under Magda’s creative direction.

The completed project exudes luxury, while simultaneously being comfortable and spacious. Inspiration was taken from the art-deco building itself; the bespoke details are taken from that time period and are thoroughly checked to be held to the highest standard. Meanwhile, the colour palette of green undertones is inspired by the property’s location, Hyde Park. This creates a nice balance between the minimalism and luxury of the interior."

Images 1-6: Nick Smith; Images 7-9: Tom Kurek