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About Us

British interior design studio, Space Shack, has a talent for transforming the unique, fragmented layouts of urban dwellings into paradigms of comfort and sophistication by creatively dealing with their shortcomings. Established in 2016, the design studio is a full-service, London-based creative hub, specialising in private residential, commercial and multi-unit developments.

Discarding meaningless decoration, Founder & Creative Director Omar Bhatti puts more emphasis on the relationship between people, culture, activities and environment and knows clever spatial configuration like no one else. Establishing a sense of spaciousness, optimising comfort and convenience and enhancing daylight penetration Omar has transformed projects and united spaces across London and beyond.

After studying architecture at London Met, Omar started his career in a small architecture firm but quickly shifted his career path to interiors. Forging his own path in 2016, Omar and his team have completed dozens of full renovations and interior design projects in London, adapting complex and frustrating spaces for purposeful use. Today, Space Shack juggles luxury projects that run the gamut from minimalist contemporary to idiosyncratic flash, always staying true to the client’s individual style and personality, whilst the essence of Space Shack is woven in throughout the design journey.

What services do you provide?

Interior Design

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"The bones of this new building may be industrial, but we have thoughtfully renovated it with an unexpected air of elegance and glamour. Quality oak flooring and a new colour palette in muted shades of pale pink, mushroom and green were the heart of this 2-bedroom new-build apartment revamping. 

We lifted the space to another level with changes that would give each room personality, like the marble table of the dinner area or the bespoke padded wall in the master-bedroom, mixing materials and shapes to bring the space together. With these comparatively, small adjustments, we made the home sing, rather than simply speak."


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