About Us

Sola Kitchens is an award-winning and renowned leader in the kitchen design industry, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of good design and aesthetics. With a passion for creating functional yet visually stunning kitchens, we have consistently delivered exceptional products that transform houses into homes. 

Our goal is to create timeless kitchen designs which reflect our client's individual style and personality. The Scandinavian ethos of a “kitchen for life” is because most families in Scandinavia purchase a house and never move, that is what we manufacture for. We are truly bespoke. No two kitchens are ever the same. Functionality is at the heart of our designs meaning we utilise every millimetre to create practical and unique storage solutions. Our award-winning team of designers are brilliantly creative and enjoy working with a plethora of materials whether that be in a classic or contemporary style or a concoction of both.

With a vision of bringing premium Scandinavian design to the UK, and having already established showrooms in Fulham and Hampstead, Sola Kitchens recently opened a flagship store on Wigmore Street. The latter was awarded Kitchen Showroom of the Year 2023 by KBB awards for its winning combination of Scandinavian influences and a mix of natural materials and textures.

How would you describe your style?

"Our style is Scandinavian. We value clean simplistic lines, forms that follow function, high-quality materials and traditional carpentry techniques. Our Scandinavian philosophy means that we have the greatest respect for our environment. That’s why our Swedish factory operates on 100% renewable energy and our timber suppliers in Scandinavian are all forestry certified."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We pride ourselves on our bespoke service. We are not limited to a room's shape or size, nor is any angle too awkward. Each piece of cabinetry is delicately handcrafted specifically to our client’s individual needs. We are able to refine and customise materials in order to create a design that is completely unique to you. From the very first design consultation to the final day of installation, the whole journey is a personal one. Our lovely designers take the time to fully understand the purpose of your kitchen. Is it a space intended for entertaining? What sort of meals do you cook? How much larder space do you need and where will your coffee machine and toaster live? These are all important questions and the answers are vital in order to achieve a truly functional bespoke kitchen.

The kitchen showcased below belongs to a family with two young children which meant the design needed to be child-friendly. The brief for this project was to create a unique showstopper of a kitchen suitable for cooking, eating, entertaining and socialising. The clients wanted a kitchen that embraced their Asian heritage and their love of Scandinavian design. The goal therefore was to achieve a Scandi-Asian-style kitchen. From the outset, the clients wanted to incorporate an olive tree into the design and also lots of natural materials. It was also important that the space felt light and airy and that a neutral colour palette was used so as to create a calm atmosphere."