About Us

Society Limonta is an Italian brand 'revolutionising' household linen, with a design twist. It is part of the Limonta Group, a historic textile manufacturer founded in the 19th century and based in northern Italy, and is still a benchmark worldwide for textile innovation in the clothing and furnishing industry. The brand’s London store can be found on Chelsea's Walton Street, alongside their shops in Milan, Rome, Geneva, Paris, Stockholm, New York and Los Angeles. Society Limonta focuses on both residential as well as contract projects; partnering the hospitality and residential worlds in an interesting, unique and original way. Some of their most recent hospitality projects include The Stratford in London and Palazzo Daniele in Puglia.

How would you describe your style?

"Society Limonta focuses on dressing up a home with passion and care, offering an infinite choice of materials and colours for the bedroom, dining room and bathroom. Just like in the world of fashion, the collections are updated with the change in seasons, because the home is an extension of your personality and requires a versatile style that adapts to your ideal environment. We dress the home in natural and refined fabrics. Luxury is about creating a product that transmits quality and emotions that appeal to the senses. For Society Limonta, luxury is something unconventional, substantial, but always understated, informal and gentle."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Society Limonta offers a design service for both residential and hospitality projects. Whether you are simply looking for the perfect bath robe or duvet cover, or would like to dress your entire home with our textiles, Society Limonta can help combine colours and designs. We also work  with interior design studios and architecture firms on projects big and small; recent examples are the Stratford Hotel in London, who chose 'Nid', the cosy honeycomb wool blanket for all their rooms, or Palazzo Daniele in southern Italy, who opted for the Society Limonta 'Textile Experience' for their bedrooms, bathrooms and tables."