About Us

Scenario Architecture is a RIBA-chartered architectural practice working exclusively on residential projects with private homeowners across London and the Home Counties. Over fifteen years in the business, the company crafted a unique process for translating its clients’ highly unique lifestyles into bespoke contemporary homes that are perfectly tailored to their lifestyles, now and for many years to come. Scenario designs ambitious living spaces that combine functionality and sustainability with style and elegance - and has been shortlisted for several prestigious architecture prizes, including the 2018 RIBA London Awards. 

More than just a name, Scenario Architecture's highly skilled team is influenced by the unique scenarios of each client, guiding them through the journey from concept to completion. Assisted by revolutionary 3D and Virtual Reality technology, the company translate its clients’ briefs into a 3D simulation of the proposed design for the team to workshop together, with realistic materials, lighting and textures to chop and change in real time. A completely fresh and unique design will gradually emerge and shape spaces which tell the client’s story, not Scenario Architecture's. It won’t look like an image cut out of a trendy architecture magazine. It should feel familiar, warm and inviting and the clients should recognise themselves within as an expression of their individuality.

Scenario Architecture then guides its clients through a high-octane journey, navigating through local planning restrictions, sustainability factors and structural considerations, until the day they move into their finished home. The team's process never fails to generate a unique home with a distinctive personality, unencumbered by style or preconception. 

At Scenario, the team feels that every home we design should be perfectly tailored to the lifestyles of those living in the space, now and in the years to come. The true value of its service lies in successfully negotiating and balancing the contradicting forces every individual project presents, and thoughtfully guiding the clients through each step of what is often a long, complex and high-octane journey. And the most rewarding element is playing our part in transforming its clients’ dream homes into reality.

How would you describe your style?

"We emphasize designing spaces with no preconceived styles or concepts. We have crafted a unique design process so each home design is guided by the unique scenarios of everyone in the household to deliver a deeply personalised translation of the client’s vision and style. These spaces are designed with a focus on functionality, elegance and using quality materials to create a well-balanced home."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"We recently completed a New Build home for a family of five – they approached Scenario in 2017 to demolish their existing run-down property in favour of a contemporary and highly sustainable family home. The design of this five-bedroom house emerged from a thorough analysis of the family’s living habits; a unique design process that Scenario has been honing since its inception 15 years ago. 

The unique typology was developed according to their lifestyles, routines and how each family member would use the space. The result was a deep floor plan arranged around a glazed central atrium which brought in natural light and a connection with the outdoors. We stacked all the functional spaces in a rising spiral, each volume suited to its particular use and to connect all the family’s most important activities, giving fresh perspectives over the living spaces. 

Throughout this home, we seamlessly combined active and passive strategies to reduce operational costs and enhance overall efficiency. Eco features such as extensive insulation, PV panels, and a state-of-the-art air source heat pump contribute to the home's sustainability.

In our client’s words: “It was important to us that our home was designed to a high quality around our family needs as well as hosting guests regularly for dinners, drinks and long stays if they wished. We wanted to make the most of our plot and connect our home with the garden as much as possible… In the end, we couldn't be happier with the result. Our home truly accommodates every aspect of our lives, creating a beautiful and functional space that we love living in.”

Matt Clayton Photography