About Us

Roger Oates Design combines artisan heritage with contemporary design to create luxury flatweave and tufted rugs and runners for modern-day living. Using a British blend wool in an exclusive colour palette, produced in the UK by skilled craftsman.

Signature stripes and bold use of colour set them apart from other flooring companies. Timeless designs sought after by interior designers and homeowners across the globe.

What services do you provide?

Flatweave & Tufted Runners and Rugs, bespoke sizes and colours. Full measure and installation service in London & Herefordshire area and guidance for nationwide projects.

How would you describe your style?

"Contemporary, Timeless, Elegant, Smart, Distinctive, Luxurious"

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"100% wool narrow-width flatwoven runners with their natural selvedge edge are perfect upholstery for stairs - with or without winders. The 150 designs including statement stripes, borders and classic fine lines in a palette of vibrant brights and sophisticated neutrals can also be woven in bespoke colours and narrower and wider widths. Choose from over 190 colours for custom projects, including bespoke rugs & runners and wall-to-wall installations. Individual flatweave designs can be hand-joined for custom creation.

A new collection of tufted rugs reimagines the Roger Oates Design iconic stripes and unique colours offering a different depth of texture and comfort.  With a subtle nod to the company’s weaving heritage, stripes are a key component whilst cut and loop piles of varying heights create pattern and movement. Rugs can be recoloured and resized up to 4m x 6m. For the more ambitious, a portfolio of sample designs has been created as an inspirational springboard for clients to create their own bespoke designs.

Tapis D’Avignon rugs complete the flooring selection. Beautifully soft, and heavily felted, geometric shapes are joined by a decorative blanket stitch to create bespoke rugs of any size in an infinite combination of colours.

The woven flatweave material is used in a selection of complementary home accessories on the Roger Oates Design Lifestyle Store, including cushions, upholstered benches and travel bags."