About Us

Queensdale Residential is a team of property specialists - a network of architects, surveyors, planning consultants, designers, engineers, agents, builders, joiners, glaziers, audiovisual engineers, landscapers, and professional buyers. They are led by the company director, Fiona Paré, who brings in each of the above depending on the individual client’s requirements.  

Projects range from the acquisition of substantial family homes and complete gut/refurbishment to optimising smaller properties for rental or sale with a serious eye to value in all instances.

How would you describe your style?

"Before we look at the detail, we always aim to ensure properties feel right and flow properly – the space comes first. Unlike many studios, we have no single house style to achieve this – our client's come from all over the world and the properties they own also vary substantially. We therefore work closely and carefully with them to design and deliver rooms and interiors that reflect their own style, incorporating their own idiosyncracies and furniture in a way that feels cohesive, homely, considered and co-ordinated. At Queensdale, there is a strong emphasis on ensuring the assets of the property are leveraged to the full and our client's homes are a source of tremendous pride."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Over the last few years, we have particularly enjoyed working with client's who are coming through a difficult period and for whom the rebuilding of the property represents a recovery and/or the beginning of a new chapter. This includes a beautiful Albert Bridge Road property that was burnt down in a catastrophic house fire, where our engagement began with the insurers, led to total renovation on all floors and now involves valuations and liaison with potential purchasers. Other projects involve recently divorced or bereaved owners, penthouses, first family homes, zero-rating for VAT and basement advisory work."