About Us

'The spaces between the narrative’.

Pirajean Lees is an internationally-acclaimed bespoke Interior Architecture and Furniture Design studio, based in London. Founded by Clémence Pirajean and James Michael Lees in 2017, and reputed for award-winning designs of the most exclusive venues in luxury hospitality, Pirajean Lees’s Residential Design services follow the same ethos of fascinating story-telling artistry. Sensitive collaboration with clients creates uniquely refined, timeless and beautifully crafted luxury residences tailored to our client’s lifestyles. Bespoke production of sustainable furniture, finishes and joinery is a signature feature of Pirajean Lees’s work.

With a holistic attitude to each unique project, Pirajean Lees collaborate with people who share their passion for enhancing lifestyles and improving environments through spatial design.

How would you describe your style?

"Our approach to designing projects defines us more than an aesthetic style. 

Our creative process is inspired by developing a unique narrative for each commission, which drives the design - the story is a golden thread that weaves throughout. 

We take inspiration from the location, surrounding landscape or the history of space to discover hidden architectural details. Each project is therefore unique and bespoke. 

Our interiors blend creativity and craftsmanship – championing honest materials and artisan-made features. Combining tradition with the contemporary, we embrace the past, the present and the future to curate interiors that are layered in time."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Connected, considered and timeless are the cornerstones of our work. 

'Connected' refers to our connection with our clients; the understanding and trust that is involved in the process. As designers, we have the responsibility to deeply understand the personal story of every client to create spaces that enhance lifestyles through spatial design.

'Considered' is the detail and thought that we put into every collaboration and design decision that we make, our team have a holistically considered approach. 

'Timeless' is our design ethos where we entwine the past, the present and the future, to create a beautifully compelling story within an interior that will, in turn, create its own space in history. 

Our creative architectural design has introduced us to clients in every corner of the globe, from vibrant cities to remoter climes, we design a unique script and interior for every project."

Banner, Image 1, 2 and 7: Michael Sinclair; Image 3 and 8; Leslie Lau; Image 4 and 5: Polly Tootal; Image 6: Pascal Montary