What services do you provide?

Interior Design

How would you describe your style?

"Founding my studio happened very organically. Before I had a business card or even a professional email address, I found myself working with some great clients on very exciting projects. Nine years later, I run a team of 5 from our studio in East London. We are a small team, and I am able to be the creative lead on all of our projects and oversee even the smallest of details. The majority of our projects tend to be residential; I love designing houses and honing my listening skills so that I can really work with clients to create a home they will love. I have learnt so much from observing how people use their homes, how they work and relax, what their children like doing and how they entertain. These observations lead to the unlocking of lovely designs that are truly individual.

We love to bring colour, textiles and antiques into our designs, often using treasured items our clients have collected over the years, and new things that we find together. We use talented craftspeople to create our bespoke designs."

Please describe a recently completed project or tell us about the bespoke service that you offer

"Recently, we had the privilege of working on a refit of the interior spaces and decks of a superyaught. This was a change for us, and it was the first time anyone had asked us to do a yacht, but luckily everything we have learnt from our residential projects was still relevant, and we started the design in the exact same way.

The yacht was designed by Jon Banerberg and our refit was sympathetic to the original design, which was very glamorous with lots of polished teak joinery with brass inlay. It was the largest project I have ever had the pleasure of working on, and we utilized all of our amazing suppliers and craftspeople. We designed a beautiful bespoke brass bar for a salon, with brass arms fixed to a teak unit that housed a sink, drinks fridge and other small appliances, it had a lovely studded trim on the sides and our clients said it was the ultimate hangout for pre and post-dinner drinks. We designed a large metamorphic dining table in beautiful polished walnut for the same room with inlaid leaves that were housed under the table, that popped up and laid flat when the table was opened to full capacity. The central pedestal of the table was bolted into the floor with antique brass fixings that were decorative and smart, as well as imperative for use on a yacht where most furniture needs to be fixed. We also worked with the yacht engineer to design a table for the main deck with hydraulic powered legs, that could be used as both a coffee table and a dining table; with the press of a switch the large teak table raised majestically for low to tall, which was a feat of engineering and a challenge - but one we enjoyed immensely.

We always commission bespoke pieces. We love the idea that an individually designed piece only exists for one person, and that is our client. It is very special to have a beautifully designed and one-off piece made just for you."

Banner image and image 1-3: Sebastian Bottcher